My Specialties

My therapy practice is based on depth psychology--psychoanalytically-oriented, psychodynamic psychotherapy from a relational perspective--drawn from a variety of traditions that have shown success over many years with a wide variety of people.  In my practice I see adults in individual and couples therapy.

I also have Mindfulness groups.  As a long time meditator and being certified in the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program I work with groups utilizing mindfulness to reduce stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, chronic pain, and substance abuse.  Mindfulness informs all of my work and is the basis of therapy to help a person become more aware of all aspects of their experience.

Through the years of continued training and experience I have specialized in certain areas.  These areas of specialization came about as I noticed what is needed for people to resolve emotional conflicts, to feel able to connect to others in mutually satisfying relationships, and to face significant challenges in their life.

  • Unresolved trauma is often the reason why psychological issues persist over time.  This could be childhood trauma or something more recent. Someone may have experienced verbal or emotional abuse, or physical abuse. There may be symptoms of PTSD but not necessarily.
  • Depression can be very serious. There may be a feeling of hopelessness, isolation and aloneness with a deep sense of emptiness. Or life may not even feel worth living.  Also moods may swing from elation down to the depths of depression.  There may be weight gain or loss, trouble sleeping or sleeping too much,  having very low feelings about one’s self, and there may be very low interest in the usual pleasures of life and low energy to do much of anything.
  • Anxiety and panic attacks can greatly interfere with life.  It can be very uncomfortable and it can even feel like are we are going to die.
  • Stress can affect us emotionally, cognitively, and physically.  If stress becomes chronic, life can begin to feel meaningless and not worth living.  We may have trouble sleeping.  We may become unable to think clearly or remember the simplest things.  Then, even more seriously, we develop health problems.
  • Relationship issues can be very distressing and overwhelming.  Facing these issues can make a significant difference in the quality of one’s life.