Office Policies

CONFIDENTIALITY: All our communication is held in strict, professional confidence as prescribed by California law. There may be times when communication with other professionals is in the interest of furthering our work together. However, I would only use your name or other identifying information if you have given me written permission. The following are the legal exceptions to confidentiality in order to protect you and others:
  1. If you threaten grave bodily harm to another person or to yourself and I feel this is an imminent threat, I am required to contact the potential victim or contact the authorities.
  2. In the case of possible child abuse or neglect, I am required to notify Child Protective Services
  3. I must also report if there is the likelihood of elder abuse.
  4. If you make “mental status” or “emotional stress” a court issue, I and your records can be subpoenaed.
My voice mail is available to you at all times and the number is 925-463-2526. Please speak slowly and clearly and always leave your phone number when leaving a message even if you think I have it. If you have an emergency or need to cancel a session, first leave your message and your phone number, then press #2, which will contact my pager. My office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. Each session is 45 minutes. During office hours I will return calls between sessions. I do not interrupt a session even when I am paged, but I will be happy to return your call at my next break.

I take care of all business at the beginning of the session. This includes payment, preparing a statement, and any schedule changes. My fee is $170-$190 per session, depending on someones ability to pay. I am paid at the beginning of each session or at the beginning of the month for the sessions that month. While I don’t accept any insurance I am happy to give you a statement that you can submit to your insurance company. Since I would be considered an “out-of-network” provider, you could check with your insurance company to see how much you would be reimbursed.

Therapy is most effective if there is commitment, consistency, and responsibility. If you are committed to attending and being fully engaged in each of your scheduled sessions you have a must better chance of gaining all that you want from your therapy. Also, I hold these times just for you and in turn I ask for at least one week’s notice if you need to cancel. If the cancellation is anytime less than one week you will be charged my full fee regardless of the reason. If you are able, I am open to doing a phone session if you are ill or otherwise unable to make it to your session. If you cancel frequently, such as for business travel, and you wish me to hold your time, you will need to be responsible for payment each week whether on travel or not.

Due to allergies, please do not wear any perfume, hair spray, or other scents when coming to your session. I really appreciate your consideration in this matter.