Gathered from cards given to me over the years

“Thank you for giving me a safe place to be myself and for helping me learn how to create my own safe places”

“My heartfelt thanks for your steadfast care that I have been able to count on these many years”

“I’m fortunate to have found someone as wonderful as you.  Thanks for helping me find the wonderful person in me”

“Thank you for your wisdom and care, for your patience, and for always being there for me”

“Whenever I have a pain escalating I use the tools you gave me, they always work!...I will always remember you as the doctor that helped me the most”

“Thank you for your insight, probing, and support”

“Once again I cannot thank you enough for helping me to get back my life”

“I so appreciate your ongoing assistance in helping me “stay connected” and realize how far I have come in that endeavor”

“Thanks for your “gentle nudging” and for being a wonderful therapist”

“Thank you so very much for all of your expert help.  You have helped me open many doors, doors which had been closed throughout my entire life.  I will be forever grateful for your concern and consistency “

“Thank you for all the support and kindness you have shown me!  I appreciate all your help more that you will ever know.  Your have gotten me through a time in my life that I never thought would end and for that I am truly grateful.  I have grown so much during our time together and I couldn’t have done it without you”

“I am so happy with my life and I feel like I am at the point I am because of all the tools you taught me”

“I am writing to thank you for all the work we’ve done together.  I have definitely made some lasting changes and certainly appreciate both our efforts”

“My sincere thanks to you for staying interested, for your support, and for not giving up when I was ready to”